Cool featuers on excellent men’s watches

Many people like the watch with many features, so it looks more cool and sophisticated. However, the more features it means, the more details will be on the watch. This will make the watch more complicated, making it more difficult to repair. So that you are not confused when your cheap cool men’s watch is broken, here are some details that must be known. Meanwhile, perhaps the watch hamilton can be excelletn for your style as well.

Chronograph or stopwatch is a timer based on seconds. Usually the watch will become more weight if you attach a chronograph.

You will see a tachometer around the watch bezel starting from the side of the number section, in the form of hundreds of tens. The function of this feature is to measure speed.

Water resistance. Where the watch will not be damaged when exposed to water. Even the ability of water resistance on the watch can vary depending on the depth of the water, starting from 30 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters, and so on.

Luminous is a useful feature so that time markers remain visible even in the dark. Where the watch parts like seconds, minutes, and hours emit light in the dark.

The Perpetual Calendar is of course a date that shows the current date, name and year number.