Older Women Are More Difficult to Choose the Right Clothes. This is the reason

For parents or those who are elderly, of course their needs are also increasing and require them to meet those needs appropriately. One of the needs that is difficult to find for them is clothing. Lots of clothes that turned out not to suit the needs of parents. In fact, very few stores sell these needs. whereas, what you need is a shop that sells adaptive clothing for elderly so that parents can be comfortable with the clothes they use.

For women who are elderly, they also have difficulty in finding the clothes they will use. At the age of no longer young, many women feel that there are no clothes that suit their personality. In fact, about 42 percent of women claim it is difficult to find retailers who sell clothes that are fashionable and suitable for their age. Therefore, less than half of middle-aged women really enjoy spending time.

The study also revealed that as we get older, women’s clothing tastes also change. What they like when they are 25 years old is not necessarily the same when they step on 55 years and above. According to marketing analysts at Mintel – the market research group that is conducting a market study of clothing and footwear for the age of 55 and above is currently only worth 5.7 million pounds per year.

Indeed, the current fashion industry is indeed placing young people as their main market, so there is a kind of alienation for older consumers. Many of them feel they are no longer part of this industry. That’s why it’s no wonder that many parents who feel that choosing clothes for their personality in old age is a difficult thing to do.
One way that can be done to make consumers in this group feel more valued, is to use a middle-aged or mature model for the campaign. The ad must also be placed in the fashion arena. “