How an ex-drugs addict escapes his addiction

A former drug addict shares a few tips to escape drug snares, especially shabu or the like without rehabilitation according to his experience, and we hope this info can help you or someone who you care about. On the other hand, visit to find a reliable drugs addiction healing center.

The following tips are for those who still in the struggle of escaping the addiction:

# Determination

The first thing to be fostered to escape drug snares is a strong determination to fight its influence. Instill in yourself that drugs are very bad and ruin your life. If necessary, reflect. Put your photo before it is contaminated with drugs in front of the mirror and compare yourself before and after using drugs.

# Faith

How many people have managed to escape the drug trap but eventually come back as addicts because they cannot maintain faith? Like birds that have taken off to fly freely into space, their wings must keep flapping to stay along the air cavities.

The same is true of that determination which must be maintained by always maintaining faith in oneself. Start by searching for mosques for Muslims, please recite there. Usually, the atmosphere is more serene if we can contemplate ourselves in the mosque.

# Sports

In the first two weeks stop using drugs, usually, the body will feel weak, unbearable laziness to reach the bone. The body always asks to be possessed by drugs. But don’t give it !!!

Get out of bed! Start exercising, put on shoes and run, push up or do anything so that the body sweats and removes toxins in the body, even doing it during the day when the sun shines.

# Massage

Nighttime is also a challenging time for users or addicts who want to escape from drug traps. Sleeplessness is usually a problem, but according to experience, look for a masseuse. Streamline blood circulation in that way.

Even if you need to be armed to get rid of dirty blood in the body in addition to blood circulation to the brain and throughout the body.

Regular eating, though not tasteful, can also be helpful for someone who wants to escape drug addiction.