Everything About AC Maintenance

Like humans, air conditioners must also have time to rest so that the air conditioner does not break down quickly. It is recommended that the AC be turned on for 5 hours and after that, it is turned off to cool the engine. Using the AC timer feature can be an option to assist you in maintaining the AC. When the air conditioner is off, you should open all the windows in the room so that the air circulation is maintained. The site like www.airconservicingsingapore.com/ can help you check whether or not the prospective AC repair service is the trusted one.

In addition to resting the AC, you also have to take care of the air conditioner regularly. Perform routine cleaning for within the forced air system. You can do this standard cleaning once per month if the air isn’t excessively messy. In the event that the air is messy, you can do purging 2 times each month. Air conditioning cleaning likewise concerns the air quality in your room. If your air conditioner is dirty, the circulation of air in the room will get dirty so it is not good for health.