Aromatherapy guide for pregnant moms

Enjoying aromatherapy during pregnancy may be the choice of some mothers to make themselves relaxed and calm during pregnancy. Aromatherapy itself is a type of therapy that uses various essential oils or essential oils made from various types of plants. But is it safe to use these oils while pregnant? Is aromatherapy during pregnancy allowed? Are there any effects or side effects caused by aromatherapy during pregnancy? Aside from that, check out the best smelling incense sticks and agarbatti if you love relaxing aroma in your house.

Is it safe to do aromatherapy while pregnant?

In some studies it has even been proven if aromatherapy can help pregnant women and overcome some of the symptoms that may arise during pregnancy. Aromatherapy during pregnancy has good side effects, such as:

Relieve the symptoms of nausea and vomiting that often occurs in pregnant women.

Relieves maternal anxiety and anxiety during pregnancy.

Make yourself relaxed during pregnancy.

If you experience initial symptoms, vomiting, dizziness, try aromatherapy by inhaling some oils with a refreshing aroma such as lemon oil or mint oil. In several studies both of these oils proved to be able to relieve the symptoms of nausea that often affects pregnant women.

In addition, oils with sweet orange aroma can help pregnant women who experience constipation and ulcers. While the scent of lavender can help pregnant women sleep better. Massaging with essential oils can make a mother more relaxed and this can be the best choice for stress relief. A gentle massage and the aroma of fragrant oil stimulates happy hormones in the body of pregnant women.

When can you do aromatherapy during pregnancy?

It’s best if you do aromatherapy during pregnancy after your pregnancy passes through the first trimester. If you want to use it early, you should discuss it with a specialist or professional. It should not be done early in pregnancy because breathing the aroma of oil at that age can cause contractions that can increase miscarriage and premature birth.

Furthermore, you also need to know your health condition, because some medical conditions that you experience make you unable to do aromatherapy during pregnancy, such as:

Have a history of low blood pressure or high blood pressure.
Have diabetes.
problem with the thyroid gland.
has a history of epilepsy, and allergies to the skin.